A space for musing with your crayons, pencils, paints or camera. Hang out with our Lion City Kitties, come back for repeated visits and photographs or be inspired by them! They have waited a long time and need a home. AA is our “Adopt Adults” programme. While they may sleep or chill out more then kittens, they will still give you endless love and joy, once they get to know you.

We have set up this residence for you to enjoy kitties who live in a home environment already and are ready to be a part of your home, if you would just give them a chance.

We have happily turned our home, into theirs so you can truly experience the personality of a calm, content and confident cat. Come on down to see both the adults and kittens and perhaps bring them home to be a part of your family!

Here are THE LUCKY ONES who have already been adopted!

Check out the gorgeous photos of the kitties still looking for a furrever home! Please email us at with your name, mobile number, and the name of the loving adult or sweet kitten and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as we can!