The Cat Mansion is the home of PURR…vis Street’s 9 residents – Brad (Foreign Talent -Breed, Exotic), Lion City Kitty(LCK) Georgie, LCK Julia, LCK Sarah, LCK HARRY (our cross-eyed mascot), LCK Usher, LCK Shakira and sisters Angie & JenJen (Permanent Resident – Breed, Mainecoon).

This playground has many exciting features to help you keep cats entertained while you are at work so they are not bored or lonely and end up manifesting bad behaviour like destroying furniture or soiling the floors/carpets in the home. It is an educational and entertaining experience.

Because these are not cats that have visitors every single day, some are shy, some are friendly, some curious and some have no idea what personal space means!

When you adopt a new family member, get to know them and love their individuality. Don’t expect your cat to be exactly like some super friendly cats you may have met but also don’t judge them based on strays you’ve encountered on the streets. In private, once you are THEIR “PERSON”, you will have the privilege of their personal attention and passion.