Sad eyes…

When Mama arrived at the Cat Museum, she immediately looked up at us as we opened the cage and with gentle reassurance, we told her she & her babies were safe… she looked sad. We can only imagine how she felt as humans have let her down…

She was rescued by CATSI roaming around the void deck at Ubi Ave 1 & thankfully a kind fosterer gave her a safe place. She gave birth on 31 December at 4am.
We hope Mama grows to trust us more & know that she is safe and that she will find a furever family in 2017!

She joins the others in the Mamas & Munchkins Nursery.
Visit her at 8 Purvis Street Sat/Sun 1 to 3.30pm or Thu to Sun 4 to 7pm (Sun till 6.30pm) Entry $12 or $10 .

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