Name             : Sarah (after Sarah Jessica Parker)

Description   : Tortie or Torbie – 2 shades of yellow & white, looks like she is wearing a perfect long sleeve coat! Stubby 2 piece tail (looks like the British Manx)

Representing: The Peranakan Singaporean,

Age                 : 3 years, (estimated 1 Jan 2011)

Nicknames    : Little Miss Feisty, #5 (as we had to do roll -call after she vanished several times) (Miss Purr-vis – nemesis of Harry – they don’t seem to like each other – she used to slap him with one paw then change to the other paw while she continues slapping)

History            :  Rescued from Purvis Street, Sep 2011, was dangerously darting in & out of Killeney Kopitiam, onto the street,  trying to get scraps of food.

Project Details: