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Joey the darling!
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Museum Art

Tiger, Tiger.. Burning bright.. The museum contributed to tiger conservation in India with this gorgeous piece. Sneak Peeks to our museum on 27 & 28 December, 2PM to 7PM. Limited tickets available at $9 so PM us with your email and contact number...
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Visitors at the Mansion on the 4th floor!
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Goodbye Prince William

Singapore’s cross-eyed Kitty, Harry, cries for his brother, William Kitty, and says his final goodbye…
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In Memory of Prince William: My Brother, My Friend, My Playmate

Prince William…
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First Mews Featuring!

We are in the mews already! Meow-ray! Kingdom of Cute: Singapore’s first cat museum Lion City Kitty to open in January
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Sleeping Champions 1.0

Thank you for a wonderful weekend of visitors and lots of adopters! Our kitties wish you all a PEEEAACEFUL SLEEEEEP tonight! Learn how it is done from the sleeping Champions … Kitty Kats!!! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Our Sleeping Champ is……BRADDDIE! :3...
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It was exhausting entertaining 80 people at The Cat Museum last night! We spent the day zzzzzzzing…
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Harry: I was a hit last night!

I was a hit last night… no one could believe I was this cross eyed! 5 of the 9 kitties got adopted! We’re still looking for homes for Midnight, Capri, Joey and Virgo! More kitties coming too… Sneak Peeks on 20 & 21, 27 & 28 Dec....
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Thanks for Visiting the Mansion!

Our 9 Superstars! Thanks everyone for visiting the Mansion!
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1st Sneak Peek

I can’t wait till 7pm tonight when all the wonderful supporters from Cat Welfare Society who are invited come for our very 1st Sneak Peek! Yippee!!!
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9 Orphaned Kitties

Even before the museum opens 9 of my fellow citizens have moved into the 3rd floor kitty orphanage… They are not as lucky as me to have a home, but luckily Cat Welfare Society saved them. If you are looking for a cool friend or companion, these...
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I am Prince Harry

Yo! I am Prince Harry the cross eyed kitty of Purr…vis Street Singapore. I am the Mascot of the Lion City Kitty Cat Museum. Like us and please share me with your friends~ Stay tuned for news of our opening date! PS: In case you are wondering.. no...
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9 Superstar Kitties!

Starting today for the next 9 days, look out for the profiles of our 9 Superstar Kitties!