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Babies & Boxes!

Perseus: “Get out Pegasus & Andi, let me into the box!
Pegasus: “It feels so snug to sit here, butt facing Andi!”
Andromeda: “This is so fun!”
Hercules: “Let me in too… i will jump on you”!!
Little Orion: “What is this new toy?”

In the new year…please give a thought to the little ones. If you can spare S$33.60, or more, please buy us food for the new year at www.benjipet.com. (Look for the 2nd slider) Just order and for shipping address you put: Cat Museum, state: Singapore, Country: Singapore. Benji will consolidate & deliver to us. Thank Mew on behalf of the Mamas & their babies, & all the other Orphaned babies.

8 Purvis Street Open: Sat/Sun 1 to 3.30pm or Thu to Sun 4 to 7pm (Sun till 6.30pm) Visiting also helps us buy food Entry $12 or $10 or “Feed the Babies” with a small contribution to OCBC 686 362 385 001. Thank you.

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In Happy Homes At Last!

It’s a very Happy New Year for ROONEY! Our little footballer from Yishun was so lucky to be picked up by Dr Kitty Huang of Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group who saved his life & his fractured leg. Now he has a family with mummy Serene, daddy John & he loves being cuddled by his siblings Sarah & JK!

Tabby Tim, another sweetie who loves hugs & being close to people went home with newly weds Cacila & Omer who are so happy to have a kitty they say is the “friendliest cat they have ever met”!

Our Supurrmodel Elle finally has an amazing home with Mum Mie & daddy! We are so happy for our very special cuddle bug…you are so loved!

Our President Obama, Barack leaves the White House with his favorite daughter Malia and have a home & family with Yukiko, daddy, a brother & sister!

Pretzel & Marshmallow 2.0 are survivors & we are so happy they have each other… & Mama Sonya now!

Sushi joined one of our earliest adopted cats Bobtail and his new mama Amy! He will have hooman & kitty siblings!

Zahara who loves love loves Erika whenever she visits EVERY Friday just jumps onto her lap & refuses to move cos she knows she is going home!!

Ronaldo who was rescued from Yishun with a large open sore on his foot but now a confident, playful cat is now with Ginny & family.

Vivienne from an industrial site near Telok Blangah went home with the Boulay family and has a new brother & sister.

We are so fortunate to meet some truly amazing people!! Nadiah & Rizal wanted to adopt a kitten, Maddox. When they came to pick him up, they saw poor Mama who had lost a lot of fur and had some wounds all over her body as she had hidden her kids under some concrete slabs to keep them safe while she herself got injured! Nadiah immediately told her hubby, they should save her too. Thank you for your patience in giving Mama a chance!

It truly is a HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 3 BLACK kitties bring joy to their new families with their unique characters!
Funny Fettucine goes home with Crystall and Dad. Adventurous Marinara goes home with Mum Tanya and has a new daddy, 2 hooman siblings and a fur brother!
We will miss our kitten choir!!

Jar Jar Binks, our Black Beauty finds her fur-ever home with mummy Jia Min & daddy!

Snowball who was dumped at the roadside of the Cat Museum has his own Mum Irene, daddy & 3 fur sisters!

Ducati, rescued from a drain Ang Mo Kio also has his very own Mama with Karen, daddy, 2 fur siblings & 3 hooman siblings!!!

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Children’s Day!

OUR CHILDREN’S DAY CELEBRATIONS CONTINUE ALL WEEK!!! (& a very special Happy Birthday to Youki from Bukit Panjang!)

Cat Lovers!!! We join in your celebrations today all Proud Pawrents, as we know your FURRY children mean the WORLD to you!!!

Over the next week, we will also put all these amazing photos on our MAP OF SINGAPORE KITTIES here at the Museum as we are one UNITED CAT PEOPLE!!

Sama Sama Maju ke hadapan…
(translation: Together we progress forward…)

We are so happy that for every CRUEL thing that happens to our Singapore Strays, there are KIND KIND Souls who give shelter, food , love & a family to so many others!!!

Such beautiful creatures from all over Singapore… we will keep posting over the week, so keep them coming…

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Snowball on Reception Duty

SNOWBALL: “I am on Reception Duty today when you visit. Remember to register your name & contact when you come visit!This silly pen keeps moving!!! I need a THUMB!!!”

We are at 8 Purvis Street. Opening Hours: Thu to Sun 4 to 7pm (sun till 6.30pm) OR Sat/Sun 1 to 3.30pm. $9 per entry to feeeeed us!!

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Fur-ever homes found!

Wasabi, the handsome, strong silent type is home at last with mum Isabel & dad Boon Chang. He loves loves loves his cardboard boxes!

Jason Bourne & Brian from the Backstreet Boys go home with Zuridah’s lovely family. Brian has always been a big brother to Jason & takes care of him & now they have mum, dad, siblings & a grandparent!

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Come Meet Snowball!

I am SNOWBALL! Named after the crazy pooping rabbit in the Secret Life of Pets Movie! LOL!!! Do you like my new HANGOUT!!

Come hangout with me at 8 Purvis Street (near Raffles Hotel & opposite the National LIbrary. Sat/Sun 1pm to 3.30pm or Thu – Sun 4 to 7pm (sun till 6.30pm). Only $9 per entry to feeeeeeeeed us!!!

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Come on Down!


“OMG Masageeees are the best! Living in the Kitten Kindergarten Rocks! Thank you for loving us so much. Volunteer Eileen gives the BEST MASSAGES EVER!

Visit Sid at 8 Purvis Street : Sat/Sun 1 to 3.30pm, Thu – Sun 4 to 7pm (Sun till 6.30pm) $9 per entry to feed the Kitties.

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Kimchi on the Catwalk

KIMCHI: “Oooops… that narrow catwalk was sooooooo tempting. I thought I could strut my stuff and show off to the visitors and get my smarty pants self ADOPTED!! But OMG, it was so narrow & sooooo high up… had to engage reverse gear… phew!!! Made it! Did you film me… are you posting me on fb? Noooooo so paiseh!”

Meet the incredible REVERSING KIMCHI this weekend Sat/Sun 12 to 3.30pm or 4.30 to 7.30pm or on 9 Aug, National Day from 1.30 to 5pm!!! 8 Purvis Street (near Raffles Hotel, or opposite the National Library. $9 per entry!

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Katy x Cappucino

Love happens in the most unlikely places… Our Kitten Kindergarten!!!

Katy: “Whoever gets adopted first… I will always love yoooou!”
Cappucino: “Someone adopt me please… I know I am a stud but this crazy Tortie is going to lick off my neck!!!!”

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April 2016: One of our adopters Shafiqah who works with the Social Anxiety, Depression & Introversion Meet Up & Friends came with the members of the group to help clean the Cat Museum & meet up with some Furry Friends! Amazing hoomans find a way to help others even when they face their own challenges!! Clap Clap!

Mar 2016: This is the 2nd time, the wonderful teachers of First Toa Payoh Primary School start their school holidays helping with the cleaning of the Cat Museum!

Nov 2015: Teachers from First Toa Payoh Primary School turn out in full force to help us clean 3 floors of the Cat Museum!

Oct 2015: It was wonderful having the kids from Broadrick Secondary School came back to present their projects, fine-tune their products and see first-hand how they have helped make the Cat Museum function better and give visitors a better experience! See them in action!

Aug:Broaderick Secondary School STUDENTS! MEEEEEOW!!!

These fantastic 14 & 15 years olds wanted to help make the Cat Museum a better, more comfortable place for the kitties.

So they came a month back, worked hard on some of the “pain points” the place had and came up with some wonderful solutions with the guiding hand of their teachers & the full support of their principal!

Thanks to these truly wonderful hoomans, we now have holders for the toys and feathers, cute fans with filters to keep the air smelling good, a sliding gate to prevent the naughty kittens from escaping, a kitty proofed gate and many more.

The Cat Museum is able to help the kitties because of our AMAZING VILLAGE of HOOMANS!!!

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More Kitties Get Adopted

More precious kitties head off to good homes they deserve, to be loved fur-ever! **new photos too!

Jaime, a shy kitty who lived in a cage for 6 months now has a home with Jolene & hubby! A cuddlebug! All he needed was a quiet home to come out of his shell.

Hugh Jackman, now named Logan is a really happy & loving kitty who went home with his new mummy Desiree! He cuddles at night or just watches horror movies together with her!!

Our beautiful 2.5 month old Tortie, Christina Aguilera has grown up to be a happy, healthy snuggle bug & purring machine! Mummy Paula says she loves exploring her fantastic new home!

It make us sooo happy when a cat like Fitz who has been living with a fosterer for over 6 months unable to find a home, now has a Family of his own and is sooo loved!!!

Fitz come in just a few weeks ago & Mr President found a home already with Arthur & Elaine and a fursister!

Beautiful Rey is finally in her fur-ever home with Catherine & Family and has a huge play area to run around and lots of toys to entertain her!

Alicia Keys from Siloso Beach finds her home with Fui Kim and is now called Trudy!

Puck & Mercedes are chilling with Wei Shao & girlfriend on a lovely Sunday afternoon!

Our darling Kumquat has a home with Jackly & hubby and furbrother, bengal kitty Waffle!

Julien & family took Queen Amidala to her new palace!

Chilli, our pretty & smart mama who gave us Sambal & Belachan finds home with Wei Jie & family (she joins Jupiter – one of our earlier adoptions!)

Phoenix who has the most beautiful blue eyes, had a bad start with an adopter who clearly didn’t know how to bond with her. Phoenix is now with Millie & loves playing, purring & giving non stop head butts!

Fatty Finn goes home with mummy Siew Nam & joins Goofy & Ashley. Cutie pie Han Solo chills with mummy Alice. Playful Princess Leia goes home with Shafiqah & family… May the Force Be with You!

Thank you for visiting and allowing us to save more lives. $9 entry goes to feeding these precious kitties.

Adopt and Save a Life cos EVERY STRAY DESERVES A HOME!

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Happy Birthday Babies

Happy Happy Birthday BABIES!

Gold, Diamond & Onyx who grew up here turn 1 year old today!

On Valentine’s Day and we have a DOUBLE DOUBLE celebration! it’s Captain America & Ironman’s 1st Birthday! Come celebrate with them in the Supurrstar Mansion with the other Supurrstars!

15 March 2011: Julia Roberts from Lim Chu Kang turns 5 years in 2016

20 Feb 2015: 2nd floor Supurrstars Onyx, Gold & Diamond turn 1 year old
20 Feb 2014: We gave Mama the same birthday as her kids so she turns 2 years!

14 Feb 2015: Captain America & Ironman from Mandai turn 1 year old in 2016!

15 Jan 2012: Prince Harry & Prince Charles turns 4 years in 2016!

1 Jan 2011: Sarah Jessica Parker Kitty from Purvis Street turns 5 years in 2016!

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Twin Tubs Of Fatty Cat

WE LOVE TABBIES!! Adopt one today – you will never regret it. They are cutie pies with sweet, sweet, sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet Purr-sonalities! LIKE if you agree and have a tabby in your Life!

Our amazingly adorable Superheroes – Captain America & Ironman love to play with visitors & really love each other! They turn 1 year old on Valentines Day Sunday 14 February! Come wish them Happy Happy Birthday!

They were dumped at AMK Veterinary Surgery with their 3 other siblings & lovingly raised by their vet and her amazing mum who has been saving animals for 30 years! We found their siblings great homes and adopted these 2 rascals!

Every home needs a Tabby! The Malayan tabbies are natives of this land, they have mid-length tails, often crooked, or kinked, with a knob at the end or a bushy bunny tail!

Europeans have scolded us many time for cutting their tails but we PROMISE they came this way!

Their beautiful grey coat sometimes has stripes & sometimes spots so they can be Mackeral or Ticked Tabbies.

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Cute Amidala and Rey After Their Dinner

We are Rey & Queen Amidala from the Kitten Kindergarten and this is post dinner COMA….We hope everyone who supports Singapore’s Cat Museum has a deep and wonderful sleeeeeep tonight! Thank you for visiting, paying just $9, so we can have yummy yummy chicken to eat! Good night and have a Pawsome week! See you soon.amidala n rey

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Quinn and Mandy Go To Their New Homes

2 beautiful Princesses have gone to their fur-ever homes!
Quinn who was found behind a large dustbin in Pasir Ris & Shy Mandy rescued in Serangoon have found a family that will love them always!

Thank you Mariko & family for giving Quinn a chance over the smaller kittens and also amazing Hazel & hubby who spent every weekend by Mandy’s cage trying to help her get over her fear of humans! Amazing people with BIG hearts!