Little did we know when we moved into Purvis Street 10 years ago in 2004 that this Little Street’s residents and name would affect our lives so deeply.

We had 1 EXOTIC (Persian/British Shorthair) who amused and entertained our clients, staff, interns and everyone including delivery men, with his grumpy cuteness.Brad or Braddie (named after Brad Pitt) as he is a Pretty Boy, is our first love. Although a “Foreign Talent”, he made us fall in love with the local kitties we have affectionately names “Lion City Kitties”!

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We need you if you love MEOWS! Looking for meowtastic volunteers that will help us with everything from issuing tickets, to crowd control, to keeping an eye on the kids, to talking non-stop to visitors about the art, the kitties, the adoption guidelines to reminding people to “sanitize your hands!!!” … & of course to stroke & luurve the kitties too!

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Want to support The Cat Museum and help to spread the word? If you can assist in generating any interest in this project, we need your help! Do contact us for more information.

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Amazing Artists

If you draw, paint or photograph kitties, donate a piece or display your work here with your contact details so that fans can commission pieces from you. Contact us now to find out more!

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It’s Not About What We Do For ANIMALS, It’s What THEY DO For Us.